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Shoppable Comments Round 1 – Friend Tags

Convince your followers to @tag a certain amount of friends in the comments to get a discounted price immediately, so your followers’ friends will also see your posts, and you reach more audiences.

Shoppable Comments Round 2 – Call To Action

According to the needs of your pages, set the keywords in the bot. Once the bot detects that the post or live comments contain a keyword you have set, send the Call-To-Action messages.

Shoppable Comments Round 3 – GO LIVE

Audiences post a message during your live broadcast, the app replies to the message with the purchase link, and the performance doubles.

Shoppable Comments Round 4 – Instagram Stories

When a fan replies to your stories, or mentions your products or brand in his/her stories, a reward or a purchase link can be sent back to the fan. When happy customers mention you in their stories, you become the center of attention for new audiences.

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