Apply discount to your Instagram followers automatically

Even though growing followers on Instagram is not an easy job, but it does not mean that there is no better ways.

Rewarding your followers a discount can attract more buyers and customers to follow your Instagram and also preventing from loosing them.

To deal with the case with a shoppable post is a piece of cake, look at the following graphic to see how it works.

Now all you need to do is to offer 2 different product URLs.

  1. A common product URL, for non-followers
  2. A product URL which a discount code inserted into, for followers (click here to learn inserting a discount code into your Shopify product URL).

While setting up the automation on the shoppable post (how to create a shoppable post?), you will see 2 different Action URLs in the Send Call-To-Action component.

Action URL: the primary URL, if there is no Action URL (for followers) set, this URL will be used to send to all buyers. This URL will be fill automatically if you click on the Shopify Icon to fill the component from your Shopify Store.

Action URL (for followers): the URL will be used to send when the buyer or customer is a follower of your Instagram, if set.

If you wish to offer a discount to your Instagram followers automatically, consider filling Action URL (for followers) with a product URL which a discount code is inserted into.

Have a try and see how the magic works.